New Year, NewMe?

I’ve never been the person to make a bunch of resolutions on January 1st. I know myself well enough to know that I struggle with keeping them. I’ve tried making the typical “don’t eat junk” resolution, but somehow I end up in the Chick-Fil-A drive thru just a few days later. I suppose I’m just stuck in my ways. 

But this year feels different. This year is starting off in a special way. I took the last few weeks of 2016 and cleansed myself of the people in my life that were holding me back, quit my two current jobs, and focused on friendships that I didn’t have time for beforehand. 

2017 will be a great year; I’ve already decided. I will turn 21. I will start a new job. I will spend some time on my own and focus on my relationship with the one Man who will always love me unconditionally. 2017 will be my year. 

No, resolutions aren’t my thing. But I did make myself a few promises this year. I promised myself I would spend time with God everyday. I promised myself I would be on my own for a while instead of throwing myself into the next available relationship. I promised myself I’d do a better job of walking wisely in the footsteps that God has already laid out for me. And nothing will hold me back from keeping these promises. 

“To thine own self, be true.”

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